The Ohio State Mountaineers Club is an outdoor pursuits club designed to bring students with a common love for the outdoors together. Although it was originally founded as a rock-climbing and mountaineering organization, the Mountaineers has now expanded to encompass all realms of outdoor activities ranging from biking and skiing, to caving and skydiving. 

Membership is just $20/semester (or $30/year) and gets you: access to our gear room; discounts at numerous outdoors outfitters; and of course, sweet Mountaineers trips for very little $$!


Our Mission is "To provide all levels of outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to meet and pool their combined knowledge, experience, and camaraderie for everyone to enjoy. To educate members about a variety of outdoor adventures, including safe and proper techniques and methods, such as climbing, hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, mountain biking, paddling, caving, etc. To promote outdoor and environmental education through workshops, organized outings, and presentations. To encourage members to lead trips and introduce new activities."
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