Winter Break Updates (and Peru!)


where: red rocks nevada
when: december 27th to january 6th
what: intermediate to advanced rock climbing trip (sport, multi-pitch trad)
how much: $300, $150 due at signups, $150 due december 7th. refunds guaranteed until dec 7th.
questions? ask ArtemRoland, or Nicholas
signups: Monday November 27th at 7 PM (NOT AM as originally planned outside the Mountaineers Office in the Union (room 3090D)

what: beginner/intermediate surfing trip
where: “the beach, in Florida”
who: Facebookless Frank Carsonie and friends
when: Dec 16-23
how much: ~$125
questions? contact Frank at or
sign ups: November 30 at 6:30 PM

FRIENDSGIVING (or the trip formerly known as friendsgiving)
where: HP40/Clear Creek
when: december 14th-20th
what: climbing! (bouldering, also sport and trad)
how much: $50ish plus gas
sign ups: fill out this form to stay updated
questions? ask Tim and or check this out…/10XnQq4pU7qy2oCORqr_pzI2Y-a…/edit…

what: backpacking (and other fun things) in peru
when: summer
how much: still TBD
interested? it's important that you tell Alexis––the trip cost and itinerary will be finalized only when the group gets together

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